The Bed & Breakfast Darì, in addition to hosting its own premises, 
    offers tour services. Each tour allows you to visit new areas and enjoy

    wonderful natural landscapes. You will be able to venture into trekking
    or mountain biking.


     One of the most impressive performances of the natural landscape is
     the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna.
     Visitors will be escorted to the discovery of interesting routes volcanic
     Etna between vegetation, lush forests and lava deserts.
     Will be exciting to observe the huge volcanic depression Valle del Bove.

     Siracusa, Noto and Ragusa will be sightseeing destinations proposals
     from the Bed & Breakfast Da Ri. Through the footprints
     of different cultures,
     who messopiede in the Sicilian territory, it will be exciting to relive
     the events that have marked the history of the city,
     mainly through the legacy of artistic and architectural treasures.

     Beach lovers have the opportunity to make spectacular diving
     the reserve and the Isle of Acitrezza Bella,
     under the supervision of experts. Explore the depths of the Mediterranean,
     among the various species of marine animals that inhabit the waters,
     will be an immersive experience.