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The most important religious festival in Catania

In Catania, during the first days of February, the feast of the Patron St. Agatha takes place. It is a popular festival known throughout the world.

2nd February: In the evening, in Piazza Duomo, the Patron Saint Agatha receives, as a tradition, a wreath of flowers from the Fire Department which, following the attack of 11 September in the Twin Towers, invited the NATO Fire Department to share this moment. It is possible to see this evocative show in which a fireman, using the rescue ladder, reaches the statue on the top of the entrance door of the Cathedral and places on the head of the Saint a crown.

3rd February: In the morning, along Via Etnea, there is the procession of the “cannalore” (candlemas) and the parade of the Carriage of the Senate, with valets wearing period clothes. During this event, the Mayor and some members of the Junta symbolically hand over the keys of the city to the religious authorities. In the parade there are also the Agatini circles with the gift of wax. The evening ends with a pyro-musical show, called “i fuochi a sira o tri” and a concert in honor of St. Agatha.

4th February: The faithful go to the cathedral of Piazza Duomo at dawn to attend the Holy Mass of Dawn. At the end of the function, the Fercolo is carried in procession, for the external tour of the city, by the devotees with the typical habit called “u Saccu” of St. Agatha, who pulling the cord and lifting the white handkerchief, shout: “Cittadini viva Sant’Agata “. The procession ends at the first light of dawn at day 5 in the Cathedral.

4th – 5th February. The candlemas, which precede the procession of St. Agatha, are eleven and represent the main commercial activities. The first is the St. Agatha’s wax, to follow, always with the same order and for the duration of the procession, the Rinoti’s wax, the horticulturist’s wax, the fishmonger’s wax, the fruit orchard’s wax, the butcher’s wax, the pasta maker’s wax, the pizzicagnoli’s wax, the baker’s wax and the Circle of St. Agatha’s wax. They are carried on their shoulders and their weight ranges from 400 to 900 kilos.

Along the way of the city, both external and internal , the fercolo is followed and preceded by the faithful who also carry on their shoulders lighted candles for devotion.

In the central streets of the city you can admire the traditional folklore stalls and taste the traditional specialties: “Calia e semenza”, nougat, “minnuzzi” of St. Agatha, olivette, the almond of pasta of cookies, cotton candy, arancini, fruit and citrons (piretti).

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