In Catania during the first days of February takes place the feast of the patron Saint Agatha.
It is a popular festival now followed in various parts of the world.
February 2. In the evening hours, in Piazza Duomo, the Patroness Sant'Agata receive
donated a wreath by firefighters. Following the attack
of 'September 11 Twin Towers, firefighters American base
Born were invited to join the fire brigade Catania during this time.
Will be able to witness this impressive display: the scale will be covered
Fire Department
and the wreath will be placed on the head of the statue of St. Agatha.
The fireworks will end the evening.

February 3. In the morning Etnea will be covered by the "cannalore" (Candlemas),

ie carriages of the Senate, with inside the mayor and some members of the Board,
that wearing vintage clothing, hand over the keys of the city to the religious authorities.

In the parade there will be circles Agatha with the gift of wax.
The evening will conclude, however, with the famous fireworks with music
"Fires in sira or tri" and a concert in honor of St. Agatha.

On February 4, the faithful will go in the cathedral
Piazza Duomo at dawn
to attend the Mass at dawn.
Following the operation, the fercolo will be brought with devotion
for the ride outside the city, with the typical dress said "u saccu" Sant'Agata.
Pulling the cord and lifting the white handkerchief,
the faithful will shout: "Citizens living Sant'Agata".
The procession will end at dawn of day 5 in the Cathedral.

4 to 5 February. The cannalore, before the procession of St. Agatha,
are eleven and represent the main business activities.
Topped the candelore parading the waxy Sant'Agata, to always follow
with the same order and for the duration of the procession, the waxy Rinoti,
the waxy of Ortofloricultori, the waxy Fishmongers, the waxy Fruttivendoli,
the candle for the Butchers, the waxy Pastai, the waxy Pizzicagnoli,
the candle for the Bakers and the waxy Circolo di Sant'Agata.
They are carried on the shoulders and their weight fluctuates from 400 to 900 pounds.

Along the way, both external and internal,
the fercolo will be preceded and followed by the faithful
that will lead to the shoulder of the candles lit for devotion.

Through the central streets of the city can be admired
traditional folk stalls and you can
foretaste of the specialties of the tradition: "calie and seed",
nougat, "minnuzzi" Sant'Agata, toggles, pasta "marzipan"
cotton candy, balls, fruit.